For 10+ guests

Reservation is accepted from 1 year before the date of your stay.

Please make the beds by yourself.

Towels and toothbrushes are not included in the price, so please bring your own or purchase them at the reception.

* Because the elevator stops between 24:00 and 5:45, you cannot check in, check out, or enter or leave the building.

Procedure from booking to check in.

Booking confirmation After your reservation is completed, we will send you a confirmation and documents about group reservation. If you have note received them yet, please contact us again.
Payment of deposit Please transfer a deposit of 1,000 yen per person per night to the designated account 2 months in advance. Please contact us if it is impossible due to accounting reasons.
Final confirmation There is a cancellation fee 30 days prior to the date of use, so please inform us of changes in the number of people and if you need meals. Also, please ask us in advance if you use a dining room.
Check-in Please bring a name list and photocopy of passports for all members.
Payment Pease make a payment of balance when you check in. you can pay with cash or credit cards.

Rooms *MAX 126 person

Dormitory room
[Capacity 6 people]
18 rooms
Twin room
[Capacity 2 people]
2 rooms
Japanese-style room
[Capacity 2 people]
2 rooms
Universal room
[Capacity 2 people]
1 room

Cancellation fee

10% 30 – 15 days in advance
20% 14 – 7 days in advence
30% 6 – 2 days in advance
50% Previous day
70% Before same day 5 p.m.
100% After same day 5 p.m.



Dormitory room

(6 persons、Single sex)

Amenities are not included. Shared bath room is available. Families and groups can occupy one room. (\14,000 ~)

3,900 JPY per person

(tax included)


Twin room

(2 persons)

Western style room with 2 single beds, a private bath room, toilet and amenities, towels and tooth brush.
If you would like to use the room by one person, please contact us.

10,200 JPY per room

(tax included)


Japanese room

(4 ~ 6 persons)

Japanese style room with a private bath room, toilet and amenities, towels and tooth brush.

20,400 JPY~

(5,100JPY per person)

(tax included)


Universal room

(2 persons)

Universal room is designed for wheelchair-bound guests and equipped with barrier free bath room and toilet

3,900 JPY per person

(tax included)

Please inform us of ordering meals a month in advance and confirm the number of meals 7 days in advance
There is a cancellation fee for meals 6 days prior to the date of use. About the cancellation fee, please refer to the above table.
Decide the meal time and come together as a group.

Price 700 JPY (Tax included)

Menu examples

Japanese or Western breakfast with coffee and tea


Rice, Miso soup, Grilled fish, Sausages, Tamagoyaki-rolled omelet-, Vegetables


Breads, Salad, Scrambled eggs, French fries, Chicken sauté

Price 880 JPY (Tax included)

Menu examples

■Curry and rice with Salad.

■Yakitori bowl with Miso soup

■Tonkatsu, pork cutlet, with Miso soup

■Karaege, fried chicken, with Miso soup etc.

Price 1,100 JPY (Tax included)

Menu examples

■Mixed grill plate,

■Hamburger steak plate

■Grilled chicken plate

■Pork cutlets plate

*If you need to check out early morning such as 6:00 a.m., we offer you take out menu (bread and pastry) or if you want regular meals, please let us know in advance.

*Also we can offer you bread and pastry for light meal.


Contact us

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