We conduct the following measures against COVID-19, so please feel free to come and visit this hostel.


・ In order to avoid congestion of people at check-in, we avoid oral explanations as much as possible and simplify the procedure.

・ We conduct a body temperature measurement.

・ We have devised a way to keep a distance of about 2m so that reception can be done at intervals.

・ To prevent splash infection, the front is separated by a vinyl curtain.

・ Group check-in is explained only to the representative.



・ We conduct a simple check-out without post-payment.

・ After use, the guest rooms will be thoroughly disinfected to prepare for the next use.


[Room allocation]

・ For groups and families, we allocate rooms so that they will not be crowded (with half the capacity as a guide).

・ For individual users, we allocate private rooms for the time being so that they will not be shared as much as possible.


[In the building]

・ Lobby sofas, chairs, tables, and stair railings that are touched by multiple people are regularly disinfected.

・ In the time zone when people gather, such as before serving meals, we consider the place and time zone so as not to create dense.

・ Please wear a mask in the service area.

・ A disinfectant solution is installed at each important point in the building.

・ We ventilate the building at regular intervals.

・ Please wear a mask in the service area.

・ We ask our customers to use a small number of people at one time (there is a guide at the entrance of the bathroom).

・ For customers who wish to use the dedicated shower booth, we will guide you there.

・ Places that come into contact with hands, such as switches, are regularly disinfected.

・The hand wash faucet uses an automatic faucet so that it will not be touched by human hands.

・ Ventilation of the toilet is always done.

・ Antiseptic solution is installed in all toilets.


[Serving meals]

・ The seats in the cafeteria are not seated face-to-face, and the seats are spaced apart.

・ Please wash and disinfect your hands when you enter the cafeteria.

・ Customers are requested to wear a mask until just before meals.



・ Employees wear masks to serve customers.

・we check our body temperature and check your health before working.


Shin-Osaka Youth Hostel